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East Tyrolean Breakfast

The breakfast plays an important role regarding our diet. Breakfast is the corner stone of an active day and allows us to restore energy for our body, as our body is working hard while we are sleeping and requires around 50% of its basal metabolic rate. Therefore breakfast should also play a major role during your holidays. And what is more beautiful than enjoying the regional delicacies whilst planning the next day’s activities? For this purpose the project “East Tyrolean Breakfast” has been created. The project is supposed to build a bridge between regional agriculture and tourism and allows our guests to try our delicacies in a total of 37 gastronomic businesses supplied by nine selected East Tyrolean producers.

With plenty of experience, traditional ways of production and newly, creative ideas the nine producers keep redefining old receipts in today’s world and in this manner are creating fresh and delicious products – which originate directly from the alpine world of East Tyrol. The results are oven-fresh bread, cream cheese, sheep’s milk yoghurt, goat’s and mountain cheese, jam, honey, apple juice and herbal tea – all products have their roots in the rural traditions of East Tyrol, but are still as tasty, if not even tastier, as in the past.

For more information regarding the participating businesses and producers:


East Tyrolean specialities - Schlipfkrapfen

As you can see, East Tyrol has a lot more to offer than only mountains. All our culinary specialities are products of high quality groceries – in many originating from local agriculture. Particularly worth mentioning are the East Tyrolean “Schlipfkrapfen” – East Tyrolean dumplings filled with potatoes.




- 200 g cake flour
 - 1 egg
 - 80 ml Milk
 - some oil
 - some water
 - 2 teaspoons of salt


 - 400 g floury potatoes
 - 60 g butter
 - some garlic, parsley, chive, salt and pepper


 - grated cheese
 - butter
 - chive









Mix cake flour, salt, oil and heated milk and knead to form a medium-stiff dough – compensate the dough consistency by using water. Subsequently cover the dough and leave it to rest for 30 minutes. In order to make the filling cook the potatoes and mash them while they are still hot. After that, add the remaining ingredients to the potatoes and work it into a smooth mixture. Roll out the dough and cut it into round pieces. Now place the potatoes mixture in the middle of the dough pieces. Put the “Schlipfkrapfen” into lightly salted boiling water for 5-10 minutes. Melt butter for the garnish. At the end pour melted butter on top of the “Schlipfkrapfen”. Sprinkle with grated cheese and chive. 



Haute cuisine in East Tyrol

Not only mountain loving people are aiming high climbing the 266 three-thousand metre high mountains, but also the cuisine of East Tyrol is ambitious. There are eleven restaurants, which have been awarded with a total of 16 Gault Millau Toques in 2018. The secret recipe for this achievement is haute cuisine meeting down-to-earthness. It does not matter whether you are visiting an haute cuisine restaurant or if we are talking about alpine farming – the emphasis of the East Tyrolean catering trade is very much on high value products, mainly sourced regionally and produced organically as well as species-appropriate husbandry.

Further information regarding our haute cuisine restaurants: kulinarik/osttiroler-haubenrestaurants.html


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